To Bus or not to Bus

… In yesterday’s downpour, a dozen bargain hunters boarded a shuttle to inspect deals to be had as financial companies are repossessing a record number of homes from owners who can no longer afford their mortgages. On a three-hour tour of five houses in Stoughton and Easton, they tromped across hardwood floors, inspected kitchens devoid of appliances, and marveled at clutter left behind by homeowners who fled in haste – or disgust.

But all saw what they came for: opportunities to snare a house in a quiet suburban neighborhood for about $300,000, or less.

“We could do a tour every day,” said real estate agent Coleen Polillio, who organized the bus tour with co-worker Marlene Wasserstein. Polillio said people have already signed up for the next tour, in March, possibly in nearby Randolph. Continued…

Source: Boston Globe

Full Disclosure: I believe they just stick you on one of those small van type buses … not the Bustonian – which would make for a much more fun time!

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