True Life: Boston Broker Open Houses

If you’re in the Boston real estate biz…well, particularly on the broker side of Boston real estate you are very familiar with Broker Open Houses.

Essentially, it’s a great idea. You’ve guessed it…an open house for brokers! Aside from the many Boston condo open houses brokers around the area host each and every glorious Sunday, there are broker open houses too!

A listing broker hosts an open house on any given weekday, usually at lunchtime located at one of their Boston condo listings. Usually the listing is either new or they just really want to get the word out. Boston real estate agents are then cordially invited come over to the broker open house during their lunch break and to have the wonderful opportunity to personally tour the Boston condo for sale. As an added bonus, the listing broker provides lunch or some yummy snacks…sometimes even both!

Yours truly, as the Director of Social Media for the fabulous CondoDomain, has the wonderful job of touring properties around Boston not just for my clients, but for you- my wonderful blog readers. I tour as many Boston condos for sale as I can in order to give you information, photos & first-hand experience on these Boston condo developments around town. As a licensed Boston real estate agent, it’s always good to keep in-the-know on new inventory constantly hitting the market. So yesterday, I went to two broker open houses in the South End. Yipppeeee.

And yesterday it became very clear to me that there’s this circuit of Boston real estate agents who tend to comb MLS for broker open house listings. Invites are typically sent out, but here’s an example of a conversation I overheard walking into my first building:

Broker #1 “Did you hear he got Upper Crust?”
Broker #2 “Oh hell yea, that’s why I’m here.”

My first instinct was to say “Really!? You honestly came here for the free slice of pizza that you could run over to Newbury St for and purchase for $3.00!”

But then I thought about it.

Here’s where I felt like Marla Singer.

You know, the girl from Fight Club.

Let me explain if you aren’t familiar with the movie. The main character, a lonely, isolated thirty-something young professional whom seeks an escape from his mundane existence. Feeling devoid of emotional connection with the rest of the world, due to his drab life as a slave to corporate America, he finds solace in attending various self-help/group meetings for terminally ill diseases. (Okay, I know this analogy is a bit of a stretch but bare with me!) The narrator sits in these meetings even though he himself is not actually terminally ill, but attends for his own selfish reasons – until he notices a trashy chain smoking poser attending the same meetings – a reflection of himself…they both were fighting over the self-help therapy session circuit, while neither were terminally ill.

And this is what it felt like yesterday. A bunch of brokers sitting around, all whom look familiar and I have seen before at these broker open houses (or shall we say lunch sessions?) Everyone there seemingly for the purpose of scoping out a Boston real estate agent’s new listing…but really, are they just there for the free lunch?

Hey, I enjoyed my Upper Crust slice

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