Twitter Works and MLS Listings Now Free To Roam

So first of all, last weekend, I was forced (tech peer-presure) to sign up for Twitter, yet another social-media, web 2.0 so called “Must Have”.  So its offical, “you can follow me on Twitter” – code name:  CondoDomain, of course!

Well, now I can say Twitter actually works.  Tonight I found out that the breaking “rumor” which I know has been in the works for a while looks like is finally a “GO” – says Social/PR Guru  Cynthia Pang from Redfin Corp.  I noticed on my Twitter tonight while I was signing off that Redfin has gotten notice that MLS is now allowing individuals to view property addresses and mapping coordinates without being forced to login.

Previous to this rule we were allowed to show much of the MLS property data, but were forced to keep street address and mapping behind a firewall / registration on any of our Boston MLS search pages..    Unlike other State – like in our Dallas Condo marketplace, we have not been able to show this much wanted data.

So as of tomorrow, we will be working on lifting our “mandatory registration” to access street address & mapping!  This is a great move by MLS PIN who has been a great innovative Multiple Listing Service to work with!

We will make another shout-out as soon as we upgraded our system!

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