Ugh The Press

With every little bit of good news comes three truck loads of bad news feeding the ever craving negativity of something to talk about! Broadluxe auction – so what…old news. Deb Taylor of link said it best … “There’s no urban pioneering in a soft market,” and when Broadluxe hit the market more than a year ago…thats exactly where we were. (Hey we produced a video for Broadluxe back in the day..check it out here.)

Now The Modern – c’mon. I mean, really cool project, awesome interiors done by our pal Dennis Duffy, great unit mix, great layouts and even some views but built literally on top of a Shell Station – scary right!

Today’s article in the Globe got me off to a bad start….so to bypass the negativity…they also gave two of my favorite projects some love: The Clarendon (in which we are so proud to have done the very first deal there) and 285 Columbus Lofts. Continue….

Source: Da Globe

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