Web 4.0 and how we see the future of CondoDomain

Many people still look at our company and say to themselves, “What do you guys do?” It baffles me sometimes as I would think its pretty straight forward – come on guys were a real estate brokerage – what am I missing?

After speaking with enough people and reading comments and surveys of our readers and past clients (and of course hate mail from our real estate competitors), I am starting to get my arms around why so many may be confused about – what CondoDomain is?

With so many other real estate website out there – the good ones are usually not brokerages – but rather just great information based websites like our friends @ Trulia, Zillow, Movoto and of course our pals @ Roost!

We were actually one of those sites from 2005 – 2008 but then saw the value and the “critical” missing link between a great website with all the key data elements and the “on the street” reality of agent relationships – thus converting CondoDomain to a licensed real estate brokerage, first here in Boston, and now nationwide.

Not to get long winded here on a Friday morning – but this video (which I have obsessively watched 15x in the last 24 hours) partly explains our vision of how this company interacts with the new digital culture we now live in.  So don’t get confused – WE ARE A REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE – and a pretty damn good one at that, however, we are also bloggers, facebook’ers, twitter’ers, content provider’s, mashup’ers and engineers among other things.  We don’t just have an retail office with one broker and a bunch of agents, but rather a team of real estate experts who either focus on buyers or listings, a social media director and a bunch of writers and journalist to push out the most up-to-date market updates to you daily!

Check out this video – I think you will better understand what we are and where we are going!

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