What’s your New Years Resolution?

The week after New Years leaves us all a little sad that the holidays are over but also with a new challenge: to keep our New Years resolution! Recent polls have shown that the top ten most popular New Years resolutions are:

• Spend more time with family and friends
• Lose weight
• Make fitness a priority
• Quit smoking
• Enjoy life more
• Get out of debt
• Learn something new
• Help others
• Get organized
• Become more environmentally responsible

Here at CondoDomain, we know that somewhere down this list is the resolution to FINALLY START HOUSEHUNTING!! With the holidays over, inventory is expected to drastically increase in the next few weeks. There will be new properties at great prices and buyers will benefit from the added bonus of the tax credit extension.

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do the work! We’ll make sure you’re receiving listings daily of properties that fit your criteria and are new to the market. When you’ve found a place you like- we’ll set up showings and take you through the entire buying process one step at a time.

Let us help you meet your New Year’s goal! If you’ve vowed to find a Boston condo or house this year give me a call.

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