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Reported yesterday, Asia’s most expensive apartment to date, was sold for 28.8 million U.S. dollars. Overlooking Hong Kong’s Kowloon region, The Arch, a future office building just minutes from Hong Kong’s central business district, features a fabulous view of Victoria Harbour and an incredibly unique design. The 5,500 square foot penthouse suite, located on the 80th floor, has it’s own rooftop terrace and private swimming pool.

After reading the article this morning, it got me thinking…What is the most expensive apartment in the world? And Where? With a little help from my buddy Google, I started my search.

Early in June, Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront sold one of the first three prime penthouses for a whopping R110 million. Each two-story penthouse in this soon-to-be waterfront hotel location, features a private pool, private lift, and a wide array of personalized concierge services. This purchase establishes this apartment to be the most expensive apartment in Africa today.

A Sydney apartment, in the posh Potts Point urban village, an apartment was sold for 20 million U.S. dollars. The two-level penthouse features unbelievable views of the city’s most notable landmarks- the Opera House and Sydney Harbour.

Back on the home front, it appears as if New York City would of course trump them all with the triplex penthouse in The Pierre hotel, overlooking Fifth Avenue and Central Park, that was previously on the market for a steal –70 million U.S. dollars.

As you read this, you think, Of course that would be the most expensive apartment, New York City is the most expensive city! Well…think again.


A lot of people in New York complain about the high cost of living in the city, but they can be considered trailer park trash compared to what people are paying in London right now,” according to Wall$treet Fighter.

Although it will not be completed until 2010, the new luxury building, One Hyde Park, located in London’s Knightsbridge neighborhood can currently claim that it has sold the most expensive apartment in the world! Some of the unique amenities that can be found in this penthouse include rather unusual security features including a panic room and secret underground passage leading to the nearby Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Definitely worth the 200 million U.S. dollars, don’t you think? Also included are communal spas, wine-tasting facilities, wooden baths, marble surfaces, and floor-to-ceiling fridges…one-of-a-kind? Definitely! Is it worth the enormous price tag? Only time will tell…

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