Worst Showing Ever

Ok, yesterday started off to be a great day. We put together 2 purchases for our clients and had appointments all day. Sounds good Well, our last showing of the day ruined it!

I wont disclose the address but it was a beautiful street in Jamaica Plain (aka JP). Anyway, we pulled up the street…and we knew this was going to be a fun showing. At first glance we thought it was the candy-land house with the HUGE 1 bedroom tree-house with the Obama sign in the front yard….but it wasn’t…it was the condo next door…phewwww.

Ok, so we walk into the condo we came to see in JP and we were greeted by a very kind and professional agent. He asked if we liked ‘friendly’ dogs and we all agreed…so he noted that he was going to go in and calm the “friendly” dog down so we can take our tour of the property.

To make a very long story short…after 10 minutes the listing agent calmed this “attack dog” down enough so we could enter the property. Upon entry this dog goes nuts…jumping uncontrollably all of the place. After another few minutes of trying to calm this dog…he ends up running all over the house urinating on the furniture, floor and the listing agent. It was a bit horrifying!

TIP: When showing a house with an excited dog…please take it outside.

At the end of the day after the attack dog and puddles on the floor and wet stains on the furniture….the actual property showed horrible. Sheets and towels on the floor…a mess everywhere….the kitchen cabinets were empty with everything on the counter top, messy, food everywhere, all the blinds were down, dark….nuts. This was a $599,000 listing in a great neighborhood! Crazy and nothing like the MLS photos that were posted! Ugh….what a waste of time!

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