You Go Girl!

I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes. – Carrie

Many women like myself have often wondered if they would ever own their own condo or home. After much research, it was quite refreshing to discover that women today are more independent and financially secure than ever before. They wait longer to get married (good job ladies, be more selective!) and they have great higher-paying jobs as compared to previous generations. Where are these strong independent women living these days? Urban condominiums of course!

In 2006, a study at Harvard University found that 1 in 5 buyers of real estate were women and that single women make up more than 1/3 growth in real estate ownership since 1994. There are twice as many unmarried women buying homes than single men (you go Girl!) which has lead to a new trend in real estate construction where more features are built to cater to women. What are single women buyers looking for?

Here’s a few examples
-Safe, urban neighborhoods
-Close proximity to public transportation
-Walking distance to stores and restaurants
-New kitchens with islands for entertainment
-Newly finished hardwood flooring
-Light-colored walls
-Bathrooms with soaking tubs as well as showers
-Ample drawer and counter space
-Walk-in closets
-Gas fireplaces
-Well-lit parking
-Condos with front door guard
-Home security systems

Whether they are unmarried, divorced, or the decision-maker in their family, women are now making 75% of home-buying decisions today. In general, women buy real estate in cities rather than urban areas and prefer condos over single-family homes. Women tend to compromise the size and cost for other amenities but won’t compromise on location or quality of the neighborhood so a close proximity to stores, shopping, and fitness centers is crucial.

Ladies, start searching for your new fabulous condo in Boston today!

For all of your downtown divas who are shopaholics like myself looking for great shops and a safe neighborhood, you might want to check out some of the great condos in Boston’s posh Back Bay!

And as always, check the blog for new and exciting posts about Boston today!

Source: USA Today, Media Post Publications

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