You weren’t one of the buyers that got screwed last month were you?

You weren’t one of the buyers that got screwed last month were you?

We hope not.

Ok – we have been around long enough now. There really isn’t an excuse for a big chunk of the buyers looking to buy a Boston condo not to work with us.

After all, we are saving each buyer on average more than $13,000 cash back at closing!!!

As a new born buyers broker in Boston, MA, we are now proud to say we have been around more than 10 months, have helped more than 35 buyers purchase a condo downtown and have given back more than $300,000 in commission rebates!  Yes $300,000!!!!

This month  so far MLS reported:
89 sales took place in the downtown marketplace.
Average Sale Price: $774,065
Total Market Volume: $68,891,800

Now if the buyers used a CondoDomain broker to buy their new condo, they would have saved on average:  $12, 351 ($774,065 x 2.5% commission = $19,351 – broker commission.  Then subtract $7,000 CondoDomain broker flat-fee = $12,351 buyer rebate!)

Anyway, my point is that we only worked with a handful of those buyers…what happened to the rest?

Well, lets just look at the total market volume for the first 3 weeks of October: $68,891,800

Multiply that 2.5% = $1,722,295  in total buy-side commissions paid out

Oooh, this is getting ugly.

Our business model is certainly not for everyone and we have very much respect for traditional real estate agents and brokers whom provide a great service for individuals who need to be hand-held through the entire transaction, but, for the most part, many buyers know where they want to live and the style of condominium living they want, right?   If you were a buyer who did the majority of the search and compare process – don’t you think you deserve a big chunk of the change?

If you’re a savvy individual and have savvy friends and family, please help us in spreading the word about our company and how we operate our real estate business.

Email them these links:
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Thanks you in advance for helping us out.

(Below is the chart by MLSPIN regarding this months sales through today October 27 – click on image to enlarge)

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